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Read THE GATHERING first, to understand how it all started between the wee witch and these 79 Highland Warriors.

The ever-lovable Esme Forsyth has taken desperate steps to save her late father's reputation. But she never suspected someone would try to murder her for it. Luckily, a handsome and braw Highlander offers his protection. In fact, he insists. But he's not just brave, he's nosey. And if he solves too many mysteries before they reach landfall, he might solve her right out of the safe and pleasant life that awaits her.

The re-animated ghost of Tremayne Watson relishes the adventure before him, and is keen to collect his ultimate reward. He scoffs at the warning that the past cannot be changed. But when he finds himself on an 18th century ship, he'll find the warning might just break his heart. He's wearing the shoes of Doctor Watson, but he'll have to see through the eyes of Sherlock Holmes in order to unmask a determined assasin. Will he solve the mystery before the witch takes back his mortality? Or will he find a way to save the woman he loves before she is consigned once more to history?

*Keep watch. There are always new ghosts leaving Culloden Moor.

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    Watson Reviews

  • Linda Anderson

    OMGBetter and better!More exciting than the last one.You can't help but be beside the characters of each book and wish for the best for them.The authors are genuinely ingenious and always make each bo...

  • Judy Schulz

    FantasticThis was a plot twist that I was not expecting. This is the story of Tremayne and Esme whom he saved from drowning. Their story is quite exciting and only solved in the very last pages. Loved...

  • EvilAntie Jan

    An adventure at sea...Pirates, damsels in distress and ghosts. What a combination of intrigue and adventure in this great addition to this series. Mystery Mayhem and Murder on the high seas....

  • Janet Cadigan

    I hate it when I find flaws in the storyline.!Watson, page 1475 makes reference to the woman's sacrifice for her father's honor when in fact it wasn't her father at all. She had only pretended to be h...

  • Laura Hamm

    Good storyI felt like I was in that room with Esme. I didnt really understand how she felt so connected to Trem though. She kept her thoughts to herself....

  • Tasha

    This is book # 18 of the Culloden Ghost series and it was good. Tremayne gets sent to save Esme's life after someone dumps her overboard an 18th century passenger ship. She is disguised as a rich man'...

  • Kathy

    Landing a few years in the future, Waston must put his sleuthing skills to work to find a would be murderer. Little did he realize he would fall in love in the process....

  • Tracy's Place

    3.75 out of 5...

  • Carol Everson

    Each will find awaySometimes you just need to see what is going on around you to find out the right way to go. Another soul has found peace....