Mated to the Clan

Mated to the Clan

One girl for every Bear Clan

When Ellison Harper moved into her own apartment the first thing she found out was that the new super was super hot.

Not only that, but the only thing not hard about his roommates will be having to look at them.

But a whole stable of hot guys living below her soon brings some complications as the guys’ shifter secrets begin to be revealed.
Now she’s got a whole new world of paranormal and paramilitary trouble to contend with.

Lucky for her, Zain, Marcus, Drew, and Cole are more than able to keep her safe.
After all, once this bear clan gets a first taste of their true mate there isn’t anything that will threaten their chance to get a second, or third, or fourth….

Title:Mated to the Clan
Edition Language:English
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    Mated to the Clan Reviews

  • Emily Pennington

    This is an action-packed, exciting book that is lots of fun to read. Ellison “Ellie” Harper has been in a witness protection situation. With the death of her mother, she feels safe now and moves t...

  • Anne

    I totally lost myself in this book. The story line felt really with very likeable characters. This book made me wish I could go to Clark’s town and meet this people yes every Ellie as my heart went ...

  • Julianne Macneil

    i read this book as part of an arc program. In this book, Ellie is a writer who goes to the Clark Lodge for privacy to ghost write two books. When Ellie arrives in town, she meets Cole, who runs the l...

  • Shelly Wolf

    This us the first time I've read a Jade Alters book,,,,, and I really liked it,,,, This book was a good read, I didn't know what to expect, being a new author to me,,,, but I was happy I read it,,,, ...

  • Patricia Hoffstaetter

    I really enjoyed reading this interesting, entertaining bear shifter reverse harem romance.This book is about: a young woman (Ellie Harper aka Walters aka Waters) on the run from her past, she moves t...

  • Jenny

    Ellison Harper has led an exciting but confusing life on the run with her mother, it’s not until her mother’s death that she learns she has been in witness protection as her mother gave evidence a...

  • Melody

    I loved Ellie's Zane Marcus Drew and Cole storyThere is one girl for every bear clan Ellie is moving again she saw the superCole when she got there he's hot and he has three sexy roommates which are a...

  • Toni

    Ellie is on her way to the backwoods to do her job--ghostwriter for writers. When she arrives she is met by Cole Clark. Then she meets the sheriff, another Clark. When all is done and said she meets f...

  • Mary Lee

    Bare bonesThis book had the bones of a good story. It even started decent with some great visualisation and interactions, but quickly I started catching grammatical error. Wrong names, wrong words, wr...

  • Tara Husbands

    I liked this story overall, and it may be a better story for some others. I liked the development of the guys and their sib/cousin banter. I liked the suspense and mystery of Ellie's past, and what wa...