Lucifer Vol. 2: The Divine Tragedy

Lucifer Vol. 2: The Divine Tragedy

God is angry. Lucifer has committed an unthinkable act of sacrilege, and now the forces of Heaven have left him with nowhere to turn but the lands of the dead.

Much has changed since Lucifer's last visit to his former kingdom. Meanwhile: a cherub appears in a motel room, a witch queen walks the Earth for the first time in millennia, and Mazikeen gets to break a finger or two. Plus, things in Hell are heating up with too many potential leaders as Mazikeen prepares to fend off a usurper with assistance from an unexpected ally. But with Heaven and Hell so engrossed in their own affairs, who's keeping track of what's happening on Earth?

Collects Lucifer #7-12.

Title:Lucifer Vol. 2: The Divine Tragedy
Edition Language:English
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    Lucifer Vol. 2: The Divine Tragedy Reviews

  • Cale

    The first volume of this series is a seed - it's tough to crack, and not much to look at, and left me uninspired. But I'm a Sandman fan, so I gave it another shot, and I am SO glad I did. This volume ...

  • Michael Cook

    4.5/5 starsLucifer is such an interesting character, not just in The Sandman Universe, but in general, and I'm quite a fan of stories that portray the character as something more than just an ultimat...

  • Chris Lemmerman

    God, this book's good. Actually, I doubt Lucifer'd approve of that sentiment, let me try again. Satan, this book's good.This second arc dovetails straight out of the first, with Lucifer trying to deal...

  • Mayu Vargas

    "Lucifer Vol.2:The divine tragedy", me gustó mucho más que el vol.1, me encanta el dibujo y que Lucifer sea igual a Bowie🖤, estéticamente este cómic es genial!!....

  • Molly Lazer

    Gorgeous artwork and great character development make for another enjoyable and affecting volume of Lucifer....

  • Lukas Holmes

    A little sympathy for the devil meets the dreaming. A great series so far, and it is stops here, even better....

  • Peter

    Lucifer David Bowie has family issues....